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Software to help people manage land in the best way for the environment

Better land use helps climate and nature

Globally, making the best use of land could provide over 20% of necessary carbon reductions, restore nature, and generate many other environmental and social benefits.

To unlock this, better land use must deliver sustainable financial returns.

Optimising land use keeps getting tougher

Understanding of environmental impacts is growing exponentially. Markets and regulators are changing their demands.

Making the best choices means using more data, more often, and in more sophisticated ways.

Software can help make the best decisions

Verna provides software to support land use decisions.

Our tools assist human experts – be they ecologists, foresters, landowners, or regulators – to process and interpret the right information, at the right time, in the right way.


A solution to help Local Planning Authorities drive better environmental outcomes in less time.

Includes end-to-end support for Biodiversity Net Gain, covering validation, assessment, monitoring, and reporting.


A geospatial engine that supports land-use planning, by discovering, assessing, and prioritising tree-planting opportunities across any land area.

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