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Software for ecology

We’re working with ecologists to support the data aspects of their work.

Ecologists are overstretched

Ecology underpins nature restoration.

Ecologists are in ever-increasing demand, as businesses and regulators introduce initiatives like Biodiversity Net Gain and Nature-Related Disclosures.

We’re developing software to help

Ecologists’ time is precious, yet their roles require more and more time-consuming data processing and admin.

Our digital tools will assist ecologists with the data-heavy aspects of their work.

We’re working in partnership

We’re developing software with ecologists.

For example, we’re currently building tools to support the planning, evaluation, and monitoring of Biodiversity Net Gain projects.

Get in touch

Work in or around ecology? We’re always happy to hear from people in ecology or related roles, to understand your needs and how we might focus our software development to help you.


I joined Verna after a career in academia and consulting, to build tools that help ecologists apply our expertise faster and better – so that as a profession we can maximise our positive impact on nature and the environment.
Dr Mikael Forup MCIEEM, Verna’s Director of Ecology