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A geospatial engine that supports land-use planning, by discovering, assessing, and prioritising tree-planting opportunities across any land area.

Trees deliver many benefits

Planting the right trees in the right places can draw down carbon, enhance biodiversity, improve water and air quality, and create many other positive impacts.

Planting supports business objectives

Well-planned planting can help landowners achieve Net Zero and Biodiversity Net Gain goals, and generate returns through subsidies, credits, and sustainable timber.

Assessing options is complex

Finding physically and economically viable sites, that can get regulatory approval, means assessing numerous factors – including current and future climate, economics, and local impacts.

ForestFounder cuts through the complexity to find opportunities

ForestFounder assesses all of these factors, and estimates the carbon and biodiversity outcomes of planting in suitable areas.

Its geospatial engine automates desk-based assessments that take expert foresters hours for an individual site.

It can assess unlimited sites and land areas in one pass, supporting individual site diligence, whole estate strategy, and regional or national searches.

ForestFounder customers and partners include:

Key benefits and features

  • Find high-potential tree-planting opportunities across sites, estates, regions, or nationwide.
  • Scope estate-wide potential for carbon, biodiversity, and financial gains.
  • Focus human time (such as site surveys) on the highest potential sites.
  • Automates desk-based assessments, so foresters can focus on what only humans can do.
  • Considers a range of possible woodland types – including e.g. native broadleaf, commercial coniferous.
  • Provides integrated Woodland Carbon Code and Biodiversity Net Gain Metric estimates.
  • Uses the latest data from a wide range of sources, including e.g. Forest Research, Ordnance Survey, and HM Land Registry.
  • Developed based on advice from across the forestry, ecology, and land management sectors, including an ongoing partnership project with Forest Research and Cranfield University.


Verna’s unique data and mapping capability gave us invaluable input in helping to understand how to achieve the UK’s climate and food goals.
Dustin Benton, Chief Analytical Adviser, National Food Strategy (Defra)

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