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Support: Validation

How to get the most out of Mycelia for validation.

Biodiversity Net Gain has created new validation requirements and opportunities. Doing BNG validation well can save time and get better outcomes. By catching problems upfront, you can avoid everyone doing work on a case that later unravels.

The video below gives an 8-minute overview of how BNG validation works, and how Mycelia helps you do it much faster and easier.

BNG validation is complicated, and everyone is still working it out. Government guidance is evolving, and Local Planning Authorities are developing their own policies and processes.

We’ve built Mycelia’s validation functionality to be as helpful as possible in this context. Mycelia automatically run’s Natural England’s validation checks on BNG Metrics as soon as you upload them.

Video: How Mycelia helps with BNG validation

A brief introduction to how BNG validation works, and how Mycelia makes it faster and easier.

Watch video

We know BNG validation policy and practice is likely to keep developing, and we’ll keep evolving Mycelia in line with that. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch (